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Made for the Ambitious


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We are U.S. military veterans who know what it’s like to not have the right gear to stay healthy and fit on deployment.

Our team is focused on serving anyone who seeks to better themselves, and we are dedicated to those who walk the road less traveled. After years of deployments at sea with the U.S. Navy, our team has felt the pain of going to the ships gym to find rusted and broken gear that can barely be used and spreads illnesses as a breeding ground for viruses.

We understand how important it is to everyone no matter the lifestyle you live to stay balanced through physical exercise.

These life experiences have driven us to reimagine fitness solutions to serve everyone who accepts the challenges of life and pursues their ambitions.



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The Lionheart Plate is an innovative barbell plate manufactured from tactical fabric and designed to be filled in the same manner as a standard training sandbag. Developed by a team of U.S. military veterans (who know better than anyone that traditional weightlifting equipment isn’t always accessible and rarely travels easily), The Lionheart Plate can be used both on and off the barbell for everything from squats to curls, with added functionality as ruck plates or conventional sandbags.

As a workable, cost-efficient alternative to metal plates or rubber bumpers, The Lionheart Plate is not only highly portable and storable but also safe to drop on most surfaces, from concrete to wood to carpeting. The patent-pending interior design allows for quick and easy filling using dry sand, dirt, etc., meaning The Lionheart Plate can be adapted for any workout in minutes, almost anywhere. A set of exterior grip handles further opens up a wide range of off-bar training options and grab-and-go convenience.

The Lionheart Plate is sold in pairs and available in five size options (based on approximate weight capacity): 10LB, 15LB, 25LB, 35LB, and 45LB, and made from a durable nylon material that’s also machine washable, so it’ll always come back looking good in the long run.

Please Note: The loadable weight / max capacity of The Lionheart Plate depends on the density and size of the media being used. Certain media may cause the overall weight of the bag to be greater than or less than the projected weight capacity.

The max capacities listed above are based on the use of dry play sand.

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