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At Lionheart, we are committed to helping people achieve their dreams.

We believe that everyone deserves access to the tools they need to reach their goals, regardless of their lifestyle.

That's why we have reimagined strength sand fillable plates as tools that can benefit anyone, whether you're a caregiver, a service member, or simply someone who wants to improve their physical fitness.


Our products are designed to serve those who are determined to pursue their passions. We want to be your partner in life.



The Lionheart Plate is a tactical fabric bag made with a patent-pending interior design that can be filled with dry sand or dirt, becoming a versatile weight used on and off the barbell for everything from squats to curls.


Drop it on concrete, wood, or even carpet with no problem.


Made in 10, 15, 25,35, and 45 lb. weights that ship cheap for everyone, everywhere.



  • Can be filled with dry sand or dirt;

  • Suitable for training on and off the barbell;

  • Drop it on concrete, wood, or even carpet;

  • Made out of tactical fabric.

machine washable

Metal plates can rust and crack if left outside. With The Lionheart Plate, you can exercise wherever you like without getting rust-covered hands or being exposed to the grime that builds up on rubber weights.


Whenever you like, just empty and toss them in the washing machine to get brand new clean weights. Never cracks, never rusts, never gives up!


easy to fill

  1. Undo the straps at the top of the plate and open the chute for filling.

  2. Begin pouring sand into the plate from any desired container.

  3. Make sure the entire outside edge is pulled out and not folded in while filling

  4. Frequently shake the plate and pat it hard against the ground to evenly distribute

  5. When full, shake vigorously. There will be more room to fill!

  6. When completely full, retighten the straps on the top

  7. Lift …repeatedly!

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